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Here goes nothing…



So my husband got me a blog for Mother’s Day this year. I’ve thought about blogging for years, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I find it terrifying. I love reading books about people. I devour good human interest stories. I believe every person who’s ever lived has a story to tell. Throw in a significant time in history, and I am there! I like meeting people and swapping life stories. I even enjoy being able to speak to groups and relate what God has brought me out of or is carrying me through, but this?! This is a whole different ballgame. It’s like texting. On STEROIDS!

First, it’s out there. Anywhere. Someone in Hong Kong can pull this up on their computer and read about my life. Not that they would want to or stay long, because they’ll quickly get bored, but they COULD if they wanted to. That’s crazy. Everything I put here is for the general public, and I can’t say as I’m always a fan of “public”.

Secondly, like texting, there’s no emotional window to what you’re saying. Words can be misconstrued and taken out of context and really, things can just get out of hand if the person on the other end is looking to be offended, i.e. “public”.

Third, I like to interact face to face. I have no clue if what I’m saying here will be useful or will bore the world to death. I prefer to see people yawn and I know I should now stop talking. Not happening on a blog. I can go on forever and there will be no facial cues to stop me! It could get ugly!

So anyway, here it is and here it will be. What will be here?

My story of redemption. It’s easy to share my love for Jesus because of the depths from which I was saved. It was ugly. I have a life I did not deserve, but I also have a Savior who reminds me daily how much He loves me despite it all.

My family.  There’s a lot of them. I have an amazing husband. (I can still say that, this blog hasn’t tanked yet.) He’s a Worship Pastor, a hard worker, and a super great daddy. (We’re the 2.) We got us a big brood. Five girls and five boys. (They’re the ten.) There’s always a life lesson happening here. I’ve got three teens in this house, that’s enough to teach us all we’ve got work to do! If you love chaos and brokenness, this is the blog for you!

My life. With twelve people living in one house, every day is an adventure around here! I have some kids who attend public school, some who are homeschooled. I also have preschoolers and toddlers who may or may not be able to tell you their numbers and colors. Don’t ask. I love to serve through women’s ministry, worship music, and sometimes teaching. I always say I wish I had raised some awkward, unsocialized homeschoolers, but I didn’t. Our kids are just as social as we are. They love to be out and involved in everything. There are no dull moments around here, and it isn’t often you hear someone saying “I’m bored”.

That’s it. I think. I truly have no idea what God has in store for this area of my life, but, if nothing else, I’ll have a better record of the happenings around here to remember later. Because we know these kids ain’t all gettin’ a memory book!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sarra Hudson



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